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  1. Airport - Update N Number

    Update your based aircraft N Number at the Nampa Airport


  1. File a Claim

    Used to accept requests for claims for damage to person or property by City entities.

Code Compliance & Community Relations

  1. Code Compliance Complaint Form

    This complaint form is utilized for such things as nuisances, abandoned vehicles, weeds, trash, debris, and land use/zoning complaints.

  2. Request For Abatement Lien Payoff Information
  1. Foreclosed Property Identification Form (Real Estate Agents)

    This form is for Real Estate Agents- You may report and/or register properties in foreclosure or obtain information on pending actions... More…


  1. Mayor's Teen Council Application 2019-2020

    Mayor's Teen Council Application for participation

  1. Share Your Ideas!


  1. Accident Report Form

    The purpose of this form is to relate information about a vehicular accident and subsequent property damage.

  2. Crime Information Tips

    This form is intended for users to provide information they may have about a crime that occurred. You may remain anonymous, but your... More…

  3. Lost Property Form

    This form is intended to collect information regarding lost property, so the Nampa Police Department can attempt to return recovered... More…

  4. Narcotics Tips

    This form is intended for users to provide information they may have about narcotics activity. You may remain anonymous, but your... More…

  5. Traffic Complaint Form

    This form is for the reporting of ongoing traffic issues.

  1. Bicycle Registration Form

    To enable members of the community to register their bicycles online instead of having to make a trip to the Police Department.

  2. Crime Report Form

    This form is intended for the reporting of cold case incidents that are not actively occurring.

  3. Nampa Police General Inquiries E-Mail Form

    The Nampa Police General Inquiries form is for general inquiries for the police department only and is not to be used to report a... More…

  4. Records Request Form

    This form is to request general records from the Nampa Police Department.

  5. Vacation Watch Request

    This form if for the public to request extra patrol around their residence or business if they may be gone for an extended period of... More…


  1. Report a Spill

    Dumping gasoline, chemicals, paint or oil into the street or gutters is very harmful to Nampa’s waterways and the health of our... More…

  1. Submit a Comment

    Submit a Comment


  1. Report Potholes

    Report potholes to the Streets Division.

  2. Street Light Outages

    Report street light outages to the Streets Division.

  1. Report Street/Traffic Concerns

    Report any concerns about our streets or traffic in Nampa to the Streets Division.

Utility Billing

  1. Email and/or Phone Number Update

    Use this form to update your Email address and/or phone number

  2. Nampa Shares and Cares Pledge

    Bi-monthly, tax deductible donation pledge form.

  1. E-Reminder Notification

    Use this form to sign up to be notified via Email when your account is past due.


  1. Backflow Assembly Test

    Backflow Assembly Test