Everyone who visits can sit down one-on-one with an experienced advocate who will serve as your guide for getting the help you and your children need.

We want you to know that when you visit, you can expect a very warm and comfortable place. You will also see that your safety is our top priority. Our building was specifically designed to provide you (and your children) a secure environment, where you can feel safe. Additionally, we keep everything you tell us in the strictest confidence, and don't share your information without your permission.

We know that often times your children have already heard more than you would like. We want you to feel comfortable talking openly with us, so we have a fun playroom full of toys available for your children to keep them entertained during your visit at the Family Justice Center.

All of our clients will complete an intake with a Client Advocate. At this time a risk assessment and safety plan may be completed and the Advocate will review all of the services offered so you can decide what you would like to do.

Woman to woman