Miscellaneous, Temporary & Transient Uses

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Miscellaneous, Temporary & Transient Uses

See Section 10-1-12 for provisions applying to 1) Transient Merchants as Temporary Uses, 2) Mobile Food Vendors, 3) Seasonal/Holiday Sales as Temporary Uses, 4) Off Site Vehicle Sales Events as Temporary Uses, 5) Job, Hiring and Contractor Trailers/Shacks as Temporary Uses, 6) Subdivision Home Sales Offices as Temporary Uses, 7) Fruit/Vegetable Vehicle Sales or Stands as Temporary Uses, 8) Temporary Outdoor Amusements, 9) Storage/Overflow Containers as Temporary Uses, 10) Concrete Batch Plant, Asphalt Plant, Stone Crushing and/or Processing Operations as Temporary Uses, 11) Temporary Residences as Temporary Uses, 12) Temporary Animal Pens, Kennels, Enclosures, Runs, Etc., 13) Temporary Placement of RV's and Similar Vehicles,14) Drop Off Recycling Collection Containers and/or Sites, 15) Temporary Gravel Parking Lots, 16) Coffee/Snow Cone/Smoothie Shacks and Similar Facilities, and 17) Service Oriented Businesses or Service Based Extensions of Permanent Businesses


A Temporary Use is defined as any activity on a site operating for a limited time of operation.  Such uses may include, but are not limited to seasonal event related or holiday sales of products or placement of temporary structures on a lot incidental to construction occurring on the lot, outdoor sales of merchandise, food stuffs, temporary residences, office or use of a permanent structure visiting carnivals or amusement businesses recycling containers placed on a site and/or any other uses which the director or his/her authorized designee may deem as able to function without permanent permits for a short time as allowed by this code.

A Seasonal Use is defined as any temporary use where merchandise is sold in connection with a holiday season or the growing season. These uses shall include, and are limited to, the following: produce stands, fireworks stands, pumpkin sales lots, Christmas tree lots and farmer's markets.  Fireworks stands are permitted through the Nampa Fire Department, please call 468-5762 for more information on fireworks stands. 

For concerns about specific uses refer to the following: