Snow & Ice

Winter Maintenance - Equipment & Order of Critical Areas

We do our best to keep streets accessible as quickly as possible.

Current winter street maintenance fleet includes only four sanders with plows, and one deicer truck. There is also a one ton truck upfitted with a small plow and small sander, primarily for the downtown area. The Street staff of 13 is split into two shifts to provide as much coverage as possible throughout the 370 miles of City streets. Winter maintenance is prioritized and based on the most critical area receiving attention in the following order:

1. Overpasses and underpasses
2. Signalized intersections and four-way stops and arterial streets (streets with 
highest volume)
3. Schools
4. Hills and curves
5. 2-way stops
6. Collector streets (streets with the next highest volume)
7. Residential streets

While residential streets are on the priority list it is difficult to get to all of them. Plowing is determined by the Street Division based on accumulation, temperature, and forecast. 

Before Snowfall

• When snow and ice are in the forecast, City crews prepare vehicles and equipment.
• An anti-icing solution may be applied. The solution prevents snow and ice from bonding to the road surface, allowing for easier plowing by City crews.

What can residents do to help?

• Be patient. Be assured that crews are working hard to keep roads open and safe
• Be careful! Stay back when following a plow or sander. Give these large pieces of equioment extra room to maneuver. Turning a plow takes room.
• Please do not push snow onto the gutters or roadway. 

Winter Driving Tips

• Allow a little extra time, take winter road conditions into consideration. Leave your home a few minutes early. 
• When approaching a signal or stop sign slow your vehicle down beforehand and gradually come to a stop.
• Leave extra stopping space between your vehicle and the vehicles in front of you.

Street Maintenance Updates

Updated Wednesday, December 7, 2016

We currently have crews sanding arterial streets, collector streets, and subdivisions.

Updated Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Crews have been out applying Mag Chloride to the overpasses, intersections, school zones, etc. since 3:00am this morning. There is also a crew checking storm drains in anticipation of rain. Please drive carefully and stay safe.

Updated Thursday, December 15,2016

Half of the crew worked until 1:00am this morning and a second crew came in at 4:00am to continue to deice and sand the roadways. We will continue to work diligently to provide a safe commute for the citizens of Nampa. Please drive carefully and stay safe.

Updated Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Half the crew stayed until 10:00pm last evening, December 19, 2016 applying mag chloride and sand for the snow that was falling at 5:00pm. 

Today crews have been out preparing for the freezing rain this afternoon and the chance of snow this evening. Please drive carefully and stay safe.