Street Division

Spring Maintenance

It may not feel like spring yet, but spring maintenance will begin soon.

Road Maintenance
In the spring, as potholes become an issue from our winter’s freezing and thawing, patching becomes a priority and will be addressed as weather permits. Once all priority locations are repaired, the crews begin scheduled maintenance in this year’s chip zone which will include crack seal, patching, and possibly mastic. 

Sweeping and Stormwater
Sweeping Crews will be out sweeping main roadways. Residential streets are swept on average of 3 times a year. Sweeping keeps dust down and debris out of the storm drain systems. Trying to schedule certain streets on certain days is not feasible. The crews usually start in one location and will try to finish that area before moving to another section. If you have low hanging branches and limbs from your curbside trees, shrubs, or plants the sweeper can’t to get close to the gutter, the sweepers sit higher and could damage mirrors, antennas and strobe lights that are costly in terms of repair. Please trim back the vegetation and remember they will go around vehicles as well.  Sweeping all the gutter plate will also help in keeping the storm drains clear.

Storm drains are designed to handle normal water flow, but occasionally during heavy rain, flooding may occur. Plugged or clogged catch basins can cause localized street flooding during rain events.  Keeping these clean and clear of debris help in the functionality and minimize water on the road and up on property.

The Stormwater Crew works diligently year-round to eliminate as much debris as possible from entering the storm drains and cleaning out storm drain lines using a vacuum truck to suck out any debris that is sitting on the bottom of the catch basin. Damages are logged and added to a list for future repair.

Residents are advised they shouldn’t push leaves, grass clippings or anything else onto city streets. It is against city ordinance 2087; 3-4-3 DUMPING UNLAWFUL:   
It is a misdemeanor to throw, discard, or deposit any solid waste upon any street, alley, or sidewalk or other public properties within the city. 

Weed Maintenance
The weed eat crew will start weed eating and mowing the City Right-of-Ways towards the end of March.

Traffic Signals
The Street Division maintains the majority of traffic signals within City limits.  The Division’s Electrical Signal Crew works continually in maintaining traffic signal timing for the most efficient traffic flow, repairs and updates are ongoing.  The crew also maintains the school zones, HAWKS, Ped signals, and School Flashers throughout town.

Traffic Signal located by freeway on-ramps belong to ITD, Phone: 208-344-8300

Street Lights
The Electrical Crew also maintains street lights throughout the City, repairing, changing bulbs and respond to call ins and online concerns. If you have a street light that is out, please call or fill out the online form.

The Street Division Sign Crew maintains street name signs throughout the City limits, as well as updating signs in the pavement management zone.

The Street Division currently has 22 employees that take care of all the Division's maintenance and repairs within the City.

The crews work diligently to maintain an integrated transportation network made up of roads, bridges, traffic signals, stormwater utilities and street lights including. 

  • 800 lane miles of asphalt roadway
  • 39 major bridges
  • 228 minor bridges/culverts
  • 67 traffic signals
  • 4 roundabout intersections
  • 38 pedestrian signals
  • 17 miles of paved pathway (Primary maintenance by Parks)
  • 5,000 street lights
  • 500 (approximate) miles of stormwater pipe (Environmental Compliance & Streets)
  • 6,500 stormwater structures (Environmental Compliance & Streets)
  • 20,000 pedestrian ramps
  • 1,200 miles of curb and gutter
  • 9 miles of guardrails
  • 20,000 street signs

Video of the 2nd and 3rd Street Construction Project Downtown