2021 Rate Increase

Minor Utility Rate Increases Approved to Support Infrastructure Needs

The billing insert can be found here.

The City of Nampa voted February 1 following public hearing to approve the following minor increases to utility rates which will increase beginning March 1, 2021

  • Domestic water rates are estimated to increase by 2.5% or approximately 41 cents per month. (The original proposed increase was 5%.)
  • Sewer rates are estimated to increase by approximately $2.92 per month or 8.75%. (Note this increase was part of the sewer revenue bond approved by Nampa residents in May 2018).
  • Irrigation rates, billed annually, are estimated to increase 2.5% or approximately $3.12 per year. (The original amount proposed was a 5% increase.)
  • Domestic and irrigation water miscellaneous fees are estimated to increase by approximately 26 cents per service request, or 1.76%. Miscellaneous fees are used for the turn on and shut off of the delivery systems, repairing lines, and meter work. 

The City of Nampa is mindful of the impact increases have on our customers and make every effort to use tax dollars wisely. With 900 miles of domestic and irrigation pipes in Nampa, the City is committed to providing quality services in the most cost-effective way possible without risking a potential failure. The average residential customer can expect to see an increase of approximately $3.33 per month for their water and sewer services. To learn more about the City of Nampa’s current infrastructure, click here

Also approved following public hearing, development customers can expect irrigation hookup fees to increase 4.35% beginning March 1, 2021. For more information, regarding class and proposed fees please visit, https://www.cityofnampa.us/1065/Rates-and-Resolutions

The billing insert can be found here.