Density and Residential Code Change Workshops

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan – Adopted March 2, 2020 Chapter recommends that the City alter the Nampa Residential Zoning District Codes that are based on lot size to align with the Comprehensive Plan’s land use settings that are based on density. There are several reasons for this change:

• There has been considerable input from the development community about changing to a density-based zoning for residential development to allow for more flexibility and creativity.
• Density-based zoning provides the City opportunities to preserve land for open space, [limited urban] agricultural use [community gardens], and/or recreation in ‘Common Open Space Areas’. (Nampa 2040 Comprehensive Plan,  p. 87)

Additionally, Chapter 5, Objectives and Strategies indicates that the City should collaborate with the development community to produce standards and guidelines for commercial, master planned communities, planned unit developments that is less land-intensive, utilizes ‘smart-growth’ principles, preserves open space and builds the Nampa brand. Bring this strategy forward for public discussion and adoption by the planning and zoning commission and city council (Nampa 2040 Comprehensive Plan, pp. 106-107).

The City is working with the development community to produce these recommendations and code changes for presentation to an Advisory Group, Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council for adoption.

The following links to be published after each meeting will include an accounting of the process undertaken to develop these recommendations:

Steering Committee Workshop #1 January 29, 2021: 3:00 – 4:30 pm virtual (MS Teams) meeting originating from Nampa City Hall.

Agenda, Minutes and Presentation - Workshop #1

Agenda, Minutes and Presentation - Workshop #2

For more information, please contact Doug Critchfield, Principal Planner - Long Range.