Response Plan Changes

Nampa Citizens,

Due to an overwhelming amount of ever-increasing calls for service over the past few years, we have implemented a response plan in order to give our patrol officers some time to do “proactive police work.” This plan will give your officers some time to go out and find crime, rather than wait for you to be a victim of crime. While crime reporting is necessary and we expect to have crimes reported to us, we are often several steps behind the criminals when some crimes are reported days after they happen or no evidence is left at the scene to catch a criminal. This plan will not prevent all crime in the City of Nampa, however we are expecting it to give your officers some extra time and our community some enhanced services.

Changes to what Nampa Patrol Officers responded to are as follows:

Response Plan

     Revised-June 14, 2018

Beyond Control Juveniles:
There will be no response by patrol if a crime has not occurred or disturbance/potential crime is not occurring. If appropriate, refer parent to SRO for follow up assistance during business hours.

Code Enforcement: (weeds, water, construction noise, etc)
No response by patrol unless it is an immediate hazard. Construction noise complaints occuring between 0600 and 0700 will not cause a patrol response. All other refer to Code Enforcement or appropriate entity.

Reckless Driving:
ATL only, if there is a suspect the RP can file an on-line report for follow up.If it is in progress an officer will be dispatched and attempt to intercept. In progress is defined as “on-going” where the suspect is still in sight or where the nature of the violation requires a response.

Civil Standby:
The Shift Commander will make contact on all Civil Standbys to define police response.

Civil Problem:
The Shift Supervisor will make contact only when Dispatch is unable to dispose of the call.

Extra Patrol:
Extra Patrols will only be assigned when they are meaningful. Generally, this will be persons crimes related (Stalking, specific threats, witness intimidation, etc.) Some exceptions may occur however it will not be a fall back statement for patrol instead of taking a report.

Vacation Watches:
Will still go to volunteers, but may be observed by patrol as well.

Auto burglary or Thefts from a vehicle (not in progress):
Will be handled by a CSO. Patrol will handle if a CSO is unavailable. If the vechicle has been disturbed or moved by the reporting party, they will be refered to on line reporting.

VIN inspections:
VIN inspections will only be done for tow companies, commercial businesses and immobile vehicles. Callers will be transfered to the Abandoned Vehicle and VIN service phone number (208-468-7916). This is the volunteer line and a volunteer will schedule the inspection at a later date and time. Callers are notified of a 48 hour call back time on the voicemail message if no one is availble to take the call.

Abandoned Vehicles:
If the vehicle is not causing a traffic hazard, abandoned vehicle calls will be transfered to the Abandoned Vehicle and VIN service line (208-468-7916). This is the volunteer line and volunteers will tag and tow abandoned cars during normal business hours. Callers are notified of a 48 hour call back time on the voicemail message.

Vehicle crashes will be dispatched when there are reports of injuries, lane blockage, suspicion of a crime or when damage to one or more of the vehicles involved totals $1501.00 or more.

Private property crashes will be referred to on-line reporting unless there are reports of injuries or suspicion of a crime. 

Hit and run crashes with no evidence, whether on private property or on city streets, will be referred to on-line reporting unless there is a report of injury. If the crash has just occurred, an ATL can be broadcast as long as viable information is provided. Cold hit and run crashes will be referred to on-line reporting.

Lost Property:

Patrol will not respond to a report of lost property. If the RP needs a report for insurance they will be directed to an online report.

Found Property:
Will be handled by CSO’s when available. All Firearms will require an officer response.

Identity Theft:
Referred to online report and NPD web site to download the ID theft packet.

When Citizens demand response: 
Assign a supervisor.

Illegal Fireworks:
A firework call for service will be created for all officers to view. If available, an officer can perform an area check to locate the source. If no officer is available, the call will be cleared. An officer will only be radio dispatched if someone is directly shooting aerial fireworks at another person, vehicle, or building. If an officer responds and locates the source of the complaint, enforcement action will be taken at the officer’s discretion.  

Guidelines for online and mail in reporting

These guidelines apply only if there is no suspect, no evidence, and the crime is not in progress.

Online and mail in reports will be taken in the following cases:

  • Misdemeanor stolen property (less than $1000.00)

  • Insufficient/non-sufficient funds checks aggregate of less than $1000.00

  • Littering

  • Gas drives offs,

  • Lost property

  • Misdemeanor vandalism

  • Frauds (out of state/foreign source).

Guidelines for CSO response

These guidelines apply only if there is no suspect, no evidence, and the crime is not in progress.

CSO’s will take reports in the following cases:

  • Stolen Property (Felony or Misdemeanor)

  • Vandalism

  • Burglary *

  • Frauds (local)

  • Account closed and forged checks

  • Insufficient/non-sufficient funds checks alone or in aggregate over $1000.00

*CSO’s can handle burglary calls once the scene has been cleared for suspects. CSI’s can respond to assist if necessary.

Additional Information:

Records will handle all on-line and mail-in report data entry and will therefore be responsible to catch reports that should have had a police response. For example, if a victim files an on-line report on a sexual assault or grand theft of a firearm. Those cases would be work flowed to CID for follow up. We have empowered Dispatch, Records and Patrol to make these decisions and to educate the citizenry. That being said, we still have a mission to fulfill and a part of that mission is service. We will "error on the side of service" when there is doubt about the direction a call should go.

Residential and commercial buglaries and attempted burglaires, are high priority investigations. Although victims may not report having evidence, it is important that on these types of calls (i.e. copper wire thefts, forced and attempted forced entry to business, thefts from business or residence, etc..) that we send an officer to look for any possible evidence and canvass the area to either side, across the street, and behind the business for witnesses. Particularly, a residential burglary is a personal invasion of private space that can have a long term and deep impact on victims. These investigations should be given as much attention as possible.

EMS Calls involving Juveniles: If there is any indication of suspicious activity during the processing of any EMS calls involving juveniles, dispatch will immediately send police along with Nampa Fire and Canyon County Paramedic personnel. If there is any doubt or question whether to send police or not, dispatch will error on the side of caution and the police will be sent. If there is not a law enforcement need, police will not be dispatched. This includes calls of children locked in a vehicle.

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