04/17/14 Press Release - Officer Brad Fordpdf

04/17/14 Press Release- Elder Abuse Trainingpdf

04/10/14 2013 Annual Reportpdf

04/03/14 Press Release- Crime Stats 2013pdf

04/03/14 2013 Crime Statspdf

03/27/14 Vandalism Incident Press Releasepdf

03/25/14 Press Release- PAL grantpdf

03/25/14 Press Release- Reuter's articlepdf

03/19/14 Press Release - Randall Retirementpdf

03/12/14 Press Release - Crashpdf

03/12/14 Press Release - Crashpdf

03/10/14 Press Release - Pedestrian Fatalitypdf

03/10/14 pdf

03/03/14 Search Warrant Incidentpdf

02/28/14 Appliance theftspdf

02/19/14 Press Release - Vincente Prietopdf

02/19/14 pdf

02/19/14 Press Release - Pursuitpdf

02/11/14 Press Release - Robbery Suspect Arrestedpdf

02/10/14 Press Release - David Herodpdf

02/04/14 Press Release - Stabbingpdf

01/29/14 Press Release - Burglary Arrestpdf

01/03/14 Robbery Press Releasepdf

01/03/14 Kidnapping Press Release Updatepdf
Perez has been arrested and Michelle is safe. See the press release for details.

01/03/14 Press Release - Kidnappingpdf

12/31/13 Press Release - Robberypdf

12/24/13 Burglary Suspect Arrestedpdf

12/18/13 Press Release - Mail Theftpdf

12/18/13 pdf

12/17/13 Press Release - Stolen Vehiclepdf

11/27/13 Press Release - DUI Arrestpdf

11/21/13 Press Release - Missing Personpdf

11/21/13 pdf

11/21/13 Press Release - Elder Abusepdf

11/19/13 Press Release - Surveypdf

11/06/13 Press Release - Vehicle / Pedestrian Crashpdf

11/06/13 Press Release - Vehicle / Pedestrian Crashpdf

10/13/13 Press Release-Homicidepdf

10/01/13 Press Release - MRAPpdf

09/30/13 Press Release - DDACTSpdf

09/19/13 Press Release - Rodney L. Seiberpdf

09/19/13 Press Release - Pursuitpdf

09/16/13 Community Shred Daypdf

08/29/13 Local Rapper Arrestpdf

08/28/13 Sgt. Chris Rowe retirespdf

08/05/13 Robbery Maine Stpdf

08/05/13 Armed Robbery at Pizza Hutpdf

07/31/13 Felony Vandalism Press Releasepdf

07/22/13 Escape Attemptpdf

07/15/13 Police Pursuitpdf

06/25/13 Suspect arrested in shootingpdf

06/06/13 Press Release-Missing Boypdf

05/20/13 Cab driver arrested for DUI.pdf

05/13/13 Press Release - Train/Pedestrian Accidentpdf

05/09/13 Press Release - School Alert Systempdf

05/03/13 Pree Release - Vehicle / Bicycle Crashpdf

04/29/13 Homemade Explosive Devisespdf

04/19/13 Critical Incident Task Force Investigationpdf

04/17/13 Malicious harassment suspect arrestedpdf

04/10/13 Ilia Dawson DUI Arrestpdf

04/08/13 Press Release - Malicious Harassment pdf

04/08/13 Press Release - Malicious Harassment pdf

04/01/13 Press Release - Bomb scare at Edwards Theaterpdf

03/19/13 Press Release - Nampa Police Activities League sends two boxers to Nation Championshipspdf

03/18/13 Press Release - Nampa Police arrest a suspect after a high speed pursuit.pdf

03/17/13 Press Release - Nampa Police arrest suspect after a 4 hour standoffpdf

03/13/13 Press Release - Officers Graduate Police Academypdf

03/04/13 Press Release - Suspect arrested in connection with hit and run accident.pdf

02/28/13 Press Release - Child killed in car accidentpdf

02/26/13 Press Release - Online Reportingpdf

02/14/13 NPD Missing K9pdf

02/01/13 Robbery photos from Wal-Mart 013013pdf

02/01/13 Robbery at Wal-Mart 013013pdf

01/30/13 Press Release - Domestic Violencepdf

01/16/13 IACS Burglarypdf

01/02/13 Child Enticement Press Releasepdf

12/24/12 missing persons photo Sarah Jo Heapspdf

12/24/12 Missing person Sarah Jo Heapspdf

12/18/12 Media Invitationpdf

12/18/12 DUI Holiday Press Releasepdf

11/14/12 Composite sketch of Malicious Harassment suspect.pdf

11/14/12 Press Release - Malicious Harassmentpdf
Nampa Police are seeking assistance in identifying a suspect involved in a malicious Harassment.

11/06/12 Press Release-Vandalismpdf
Nampa Police have arrested one suspect in connection to a rash of vandalisms in Downtown Nampa.

10/23/12 Shooting suspect arrestedpdf

10/22/12 Press Release - Shootingpdf

10/16/12 Press Release - Traffic Alertpdf

10/09/12 Press Release-Ross White Arrestpdf

10/04/12 Press Release-Motorcycle Crashpdf

09/26/12 Press Conferencepdf

08/27/12 Name of shooting suspect released.pdf

08/25/12 Officer involved shootingpdf

08/22/12 Cancellation of Media Daypdf

08/06/12 Nampa Police Unveils New Police Car.pdf

08/02/12 Felony injury to child arrestpdf

07/25/12 Press Release - Media Daypdf

07/21/12 Press Release-Child killed by vehicle.pdf

07/19/12 Nampa Police announce National Night Out.pdf

07/15/12 Nampa Police investigate a shooting.pdf

06/27/12 The Nampa Police Departments will be engaging a community policing philosophy known as DDACTS (Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety. pdf

06/26/12 Nampa Police received and Award from the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistancepdf

06/19/12 Car Jacking Press Releasepdf

06/13/12 Agg Battery and Burglary arrestpdf

06/06/12 Vehicle / Bus Crash - For press release click on pdf

05/24/12 Seatbelt press releasepdf

05/21/12 Nampa Police Activity League announces Girls Running Club. pdf

05/21/12 Armed robbery at a business in Nampa.pdf

05/15/12 Nampa Police investigate a bomb threat at Wal-Martpdf

05/15/12 Nampa Police will be participating in two events to honor fallen officers of Idaho. See press release at:

05/14/12 Nampa Police investigate a crash involving an Idaho State Trooperpdf

05/14/12 Nampa Police arrest a subject for Lewd Conduct with a Minorpdf

04/24/12 Nampa Police issue a warning for cell phone scam.pdf

04/23/12 Nampa Police Activity League announces summer outdoors program. pdf

04/11/12 Nampa Police arrest a suspect for Robbery.pdf

04/10/12 Bilingual (Spanish) Citizen Police Academy. pdf

04/09/12 Verl Terry arrestedpdf

04/09/12 clandestine laboratorypdf

04/03/12 Nampa Police issue a warning for a possible telephone scam.pdf

03/29/12 Nampa Police arrest a subject for a home invasion robbery.pdf

03/28/12 Dedication of the Hugh Nichols Public Safety Building set for April 4, 2012. 1pmpdf

03/26/12 picture of suspect Craig McDonaldpdf

03/26/12 Picture of suspect Julian Martinezpdf

03/26/12 Nampa Police arrest two suspects for Stalking and Vandalism pdf

03/22/12 Burglary Suspects Arrestedpdf

03/21/12 Robbery Arrestpdf

03/19/12 New press contactpdf

03/06/12 Nampa Police arrest two suspects for Stalking and Vandalism pdf

02/29/12 Statement read by Chief Forsman at press conference regarding today's homicide arrest pdf

02/29/12 Homicide press release pdf

02/23/12 Detective Rodriguez retirementpdf

02/23/12 Nigerian scampdf

02/08/12 Records hours press releasepdf

02/07/12 One car rolloverpdf

02/07/12 Seatbelt Enforcementpdf

02/06/12 February 2012 Seatbelt Mobilizationpdf

02/03/12 New Dog Licensepdf

02/03/12 Home robberypdf

01/31/12 Tara Koho Certified Latent Print Examinerpdf

01/24/12 Prevent auto burgspdf

01/23/12 Follow up press release to homicide/attempted suicidepdf

01/23/12 robbery arrestspdf

01/21/12 Homicidepdf

01/20/12 robbery suspect Joseph Foypdf

01/20/12 Robbery suspect Juan Moralespdf

01/20/12 Robbery and pursuit 011912pdf

01/19/12 arrest of Travis Gardinerpdf

01/17/12 Nampa Police Records Closingpdf

01/03/12 robbery press release pdf

12/31/11 Vehicle vs. wheelchair crashpdf

12/20/11 Suicidepdf

12/10/11 Agg Battery arrestpdf

12/01/11 pedestrian crash Lake Lowell and Statepdf

11/28/11 stolen vehicle recoveredpdf

11/22/11 Attempted robberypdf

11/10/11 burglary and grand theft arrestpdf

11/01/11 Pedestrian crash at 12th Ave. Rd. & Sherman Ave.pdf

10/31/11 Downtown Nampa Trick-Or-Treatpdf

10/25/11 Drug Take Back Day on Saturday Oct 29 pdf

10/25/11 Chief Augsburger's retirement celebration pdf

10/21/11 Pedestrian Accident Birch & 11thpdf

10/20/11 Pedestrian Accident Lake Lowell Avepdf

10/17/11 Photo of Albertsons suspectpdf

10/17/11 Photo of Albertsons suspectpdf

10/17/11 Albertsons theft press releasepdf

10/12/11 Follow up press release to greenbelt indecent exposurepdf

10/12/11 Public flyer reference greenbelt indecent exposurepdf

10/12/11 greenbelt suspect sketch from 101011 incidentpdf

10/10/11 Skyview Student Struck by Carpdf

10/10/11 found horse photopdf

10/10/11 Found horsepdf

10/10/11 Greenbelt indecent exposurepdf

10/06/11 photo Shawn Whitepdf

10/06/11 Domestic dispute arrestpdf

10/06/11 Home Invasion Robberypdf

10/06/11 Pursuitpdf

10/03/11 Public Safety Academy Graduates pdf

10/03/11 LeRoy Forsman named Chief of Police pdf

09/29/11 Pedestrian Hit and Runpdf

09/26/11 pursuit pdf

09/22/11 Juvenile arrested for graffitipdf

09/22/11 Fraud suspect Chase Bankpdf

09/16/11 Willow Creek suspect sketchpdf

09/16/11 Suspicious person Willow Creek Elementarypdf

09/13/11 Josh Larson found and safe pdf

09/13/11 missing juvenile pdf

09/12/11 Trowell guilty plea press release pdf

09/12/11 Photo of Stolen Motorcycle pdf

09/12/11 Stolen Motorcyclepdf

09/09/11 Lakeview Park lewd conduct suspect sketchpdf

09/09/11 Lakeview Park lewd conduct incidentpdf

09/08/11 Crosswalks near Lakeview Parkpdf

09/08/11 Nampa Police get new bomb trailerpdf

09/07/11 Photo Bonnie Ansonpdf

09/07/11 Photo of James Hitespdf

09/07/11 2 arrested in meth lab discoverypdf

09/06/11 Armed Robberypdf

08/25/11 Labor Day Imaired Driving Saturationpdf

08/24/11 CITF investigation of OIS press releasepdf

08/22/11 Simon Jose Hernandezpdf

08/22/11 Wanted Person Simon Hernandezpdf

08/22/11 Jacksons robbery photo 2pdf

08/22/11 Jacksons robbery photo 1pdf

08/22/11 Robbery at Jacksons 22nd Ave. Spdf

08/22/11 New Police Service Dog; Diesel pdf

08/22/11 Burglary suspects arrested in Nampapdf

08/18/11 L L arrest of Tobias pdf

08/18/11 School Zone Schedulespdf

08/18/11 Back to School pdf

08/18/11 Back to School 2011pdf

08/15/11 Update to yesterday's shooting arrestspdf

08/14/11 Anthony Bernalpdf

08/14/11 Kevin Bishoffpdf

08/14/11 David Moralespdf

08/14/11 Nampa Shootingpdf

08/11/11 Burglaryspdf

08/08/11 Child Enticementpdf

08/06/11 Auto Burglary Suspects Arrestedpdf

08/01/11 Lt. Gehring's Retirementpdf

07/29/11 National Night Out pdf

07/29/11 Nampa Police Recovers Stolen Gunspdf

07/28/11 Greenbelt Battery Sketchpdf

07/28/11 Greenbelt Battery followuppdf

07/27/11 Injury Crash on Greenhurst Roadpdf

07/26/11 Burglary Arrest pdf

07/14/11 Getaway Stabbing Press Releasepdf

07/13/11 Photo of Arthur Schafer pdf

07/13/11 Missing Person Arthur Schafer pdf

07/13/11 Angelica Stamp Located; she is safe pdf

07/13/11 Angelica Stamp photo pdf

07/13/11 Arthur Schafer located in Elmore County pdf

07/13/11 Missing juvenile Angelica Stamp 13 yrs of age pdf

07/08/11 Greenbelt Batterypdf

07/07/11 Snake River Stampede Parade Route for July 16 pdf

07/03/11 Located Child Oscar Hernandezpdf

07/03/11 Missing Child Oscar Hernandezpdf

06/28/11 Robbery Arrest pdf

06/27/11 Burglary arrestpdf

06/23/11 Retirement of Officer Dale McNutt pdf

06/23/11 Hit and Run crashpdf

06/15/11 Chavez Aggravated DUI arrest pdf

06/14/11 PAL Girls Runningpdf

06/05/11 Chancelor Baker Arrestedpdf

06/02/11 NPD swearing in and awards ceremonypdf

05/30/11 Memorial Week Seatbelt Saturationpdf

05/26/11 Aggravated Battery Arrest pdf

05/19/11 Missing: Brittney A. Logan pdf

05/15/11 Jacob Larrea Arrested after Pursuitpdf

05/06/11 Nampa Police Joins "A Child is Missing Program"pdf

05/01/11 Multiple Suspect Drug Arrestpdf

05/01/11 Possible Police Impersonatorpdf

04/27/11 Trowell Arrest pdf

04/27/11 Thomas Lynch located pdf

04/25/11 Prescription Drug Drop Off pdf

04/13/11 Outdoors Club Registrationspdf

04/10/11 Canfield Arrestpdf

04/07/11 Aggressive Driving Patrolpdf

04/05/11 Stabbing Press Release pdf

04/05/11 Auto Burglary Suspects Arrested pdf
We have a correction on this release. The subdivision where the incidents occurred was Pheasant Ridge, not Desert Ridge. Apologies for the confusion.

03/31/11 Auto Burglary Suspects Arrestedpdf

03/29/11 Landlord Training Announcmentpdf

03/23/11 Martin Ruiz Arrestedpdf

03/21/11 Child Enticement Suspect sketch pdf

03/21/11 Child Enticement Suspect pdf

03/07/11 Aggravated Battery Arrestspdf

03/04/11 Fugitive for 9 Months Arrestedpdf

03/03/11 Wanted felon arrested at Nampa Wal Greens pdf

03/03/11 Burlgary and Prowler arrestpdf

03/02/11 Missing Person; Zandra Bennettpdf

02/24/11 NPD to enforce "Jake Brake" ordinancepdf

02/23/11 Stabbing at Kings Lounge pdf

02/16/11 "Miracle On 4th St" Fund Raiser Resultspdf

02/15/11 Burglary Arrest Press Releasepdf

02/15/11 Middleton Rd Injury Crashpdf

02/15/11 Education Superintendent Tom Luna's Vehicle Vandalizedpdf

02/15/11 Scott Thomas Arrest Press Releasepdf

02/14/11 Nampa Resident Saves Life of One Year Old Childpdf

02/07/11 Dog Licenses Available at Nampa Police Departmentpdf

02/07/11 Garrity Boulevard Closurepdf

02/07/11 Public Safety Academy 2011pdf

02/06/11 Home Invasion Robbery Suspectspdf

01/04/11 Stabbing Press Releasepdf

12/20/10 BB Gun Vandalism Press Releasepdf

12/16/10 Holiday DUI Crackdown Press Releasepdf

11/21/10 Shots Fired into Homepdf

10/01/10 Secure Your ID Flyerpdf

09/25/10 Fatal Accident Press Releasepdf

09/02/10 Officer Seibel Receives American Legion Officer of the Year Awardpdf

07/15/10 Vehicle vs Bicycle Accidentpdf

05/24/10 PAL Outdoors Clubpdf

PAL Outdoors Club is currently accepting applications. Please see the attached PDF for more information and the sign up sheets.

01/07/10 Alive at 25 Programpdf

09/07/09 Nampa Police Phlebotomy Press Releasepdf

Press Release - David Herodpdf

Press Release - David Herodpdf

Press Release - David Herodpdf

Press Release - David Herodpdf

Press Release - David Herodpdf

Press Release - David Herodpdf

Press Release - David Herodpdf

Press Release - David Herodpdf

Press Release - David Herodpdf

Press Release - David Herodpdf

Press Release - David Herodpdf

Residnetial burglaries pdf
Stolen appliances







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