The Persons Crimes Unit of the Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for all felony investigations related to crimes against persons.  These include crimes such as robbery, assault/battery, domestic violence, child abuse, rape, and murder.  This unit includes a Sergeant, Corporal, 5 investigators (one of which handles cyber crimes investigations), and 2 victim/witness coordinators.  We take advantage of all the newest available resources to solve crimes and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.  We are also proud to be part of the Nampa Family Justice Center working to bring the best possible police and victim services to members of our community.  The Family Justice Center is a collaborative effort of multiple agencies gathered together under one roof for the benefit of crime victims.


The Property Crimes Unit of the Criminal Investigations Division investigates crimes such as fraud, forgery, insufficient funds checks, burglary, grand thefts and internet fraud.  The Property Crimes Unit is staffed by 7 investigators and 1 community service officer. Our mission is to recover stolen property and hold accountable those responsible for committing those crimes.  With help from the local community members and our community service officers, the Property Crimes Unit monitors the sale of stolen property through pawn shops and recycled metal businesses, in order to identify thieves using legitimate businesses to fence their stolen goods.  Detectives from the Property Crimes Unit also maintain partnerships with area business owners in a proactive attempt to reduce inventory loss from job sites and through employee theft.


The special investigations unit (SIU) of the Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for conducting narcotics investigations and felony gang related criminal investigations. Members are trained in narcotics investigation and processing of clandestine laboratories, and conduct both active and undercover investigations, to attempt to identify, arrest, and charge persons involved in illegal drug manufacture or trafficking. Many of the investigations they conduct that result in the arrest of persons responsible for the trafficking or manufacture of illegal drugs, are the result of information provided by the public, and information and tips are welcome and encouraged. You can contact SIU via the information submittal form to the right, or via the tip line at 463-0139. You may remain anonymous and if you do provide your contact information, your identity is kept confidential.


There are many types of fraud and only some can be investigated by the Nampa Police Department. In most fraud cases, the crime occurs in two locations. One being the jurisdiction where the victim's information was compromised, and the second where the suspect was located when they committed the crime. Generally investigation and prosecution takes place from the suspect's location, as that is where the evidence resides and it avoids extradition costs. There are generally many victims from multiple jurisdictions as well, and it is much easier for the single jurisdiction where the suspect is located to investigate and prosecute all of the related cases.

If the suspect is located inside Nampa City limits, or at least locally, then the Nampa Police Department can investigate your fraud incident. If the suspect is located in another jurisdiction inside the United States, then the Nampa Police Department can help you start the investigation by taking a courtesy report and forwarding it to the jurisdiction where the suspect is located.

In international incidents where the suspect is located outside of the United States, the Nampa Police Department cannot investigate those incidents. For reporting of those incidents, please click on the button below to be taken to the FBI website. You may also click the below link to review various fraud types and see what your incident is classified as, and where it needs to be reported.

If you have information about a felony crime that you want to report to the Criminal Investigations Division, please fill out the form below. Please do not use this form for narcotics tips, report requests or general information requests. Requests of that nature sent through this form will not be addressed.

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