BOMB SQUAD                                 465-2257

The Nampa Police Department Bomb Squad consists of three officers from the Nampa Police Department, One member of the Nampa Fire Department, and one Deputy Sheriff from the Canyon County Sheriff's Office. 

The Nampa Police Department Bomb Squad members are trained by FBI instructors at the Hazardous Devices School in Huntsville Alabama, at Redstone Arsenal.

The Nampa Police Department Bomb Squad operates regionally and has an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with five surrounding counties in Idaho and one county in Oregon, to include all cities within those counties. This allows the Bomb Squad to be called upon to serve in other jurisdictions and assist agencies that are not equipped to deal with explosive devices.




Bomb Robot

Robot is used to remotely disarm real or suspected explosive devices.


Bomb Suit

The protective suit worn by squad members, is a specially designed suit made of fire and impact resistant materials, and is designed to offer the wearer a degree of protection against devices which may detonate.

Dispatch: 208.465.2257
Emergency: 911

Nampa Police Department
820 2nd St S Nampa, ID 83651