Community Development Block Grant


The City of Nampa administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allocates funds to the City on an annual basis.

The CDBG entitlement program allocates annual grants to larger cities and urban counties to develop viable communities by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment, and ways to expand economic opportunities, principally for low‐ and moderate‐income persons.  

The CDBG program works to ensure decent affordable housing, to provide services to the most vulnerable in our communities, and to create jobs through the expansion and retention of businesses. CDBG is an important tool for helping local governments tackle serious challenges facing their communities. The CDBG program has made a difference in the lives of millions of people and their communities across the nation.  

HUD determines the amount of each grant by using a formula comprised of several measures of community need, including the extent of poverty, population, housing overcrowding, age of housing, and population growth lag in relationship to other metropolitan areas.  Income guidelines are updated by HUD every year and the current income guidelines are listed below:

2017 HUD Income Guidelines for Nampa (Ada & Canyon County)

Number in Household Extremely Low Annual
(30% of Median)
Very Low Annual
(50% of Median)
Low Annual
(80% of Median)
$13,550 $22,550 $36,050
$16,240 $25,750 $41,200
$20,420  $28,950 $46,350
$24,600 $32,150 $51,450
$28,780 $34,750 $55,600
$32,960 $37,300 $59,700
$37,140 $39,900 $63,800
$41,320 $42,450 $67,950

Funds Disbursement

Every year, the City of Nampa accepts applications from community organizations for projects that primarily benefit low- and moderate-income persons. Applications from agencies requesting CDBG funds are generally due in April / May of each year.   Because 2017 is the year we must complete a new 5-year Consolidated Plan, the application process will be later.

In addition, an application workshop is held at City Hall Council Chambers to answer questions and review the application guidelines with interested agencies. The workshop for 2017 will be held on May 9, 2017.

2017 CDBG Applications will be accepted starting May 10, 2017!

Receiving Funds Documentation

Plans & Reports

Hard copies can be reviewed at the Community Development Division offices.


Due in August of every year, the City must develop a one-year Action Plan summarizes the City's intended actions during that particular year with CDBG funding. This plan serves as notification to citizens and HUD by outlining the projects that the City has funded with that years CDBG allocation.


Due in December of every year, the City reports on the activities over the past program year. The report highlights the accomplishments achieved and funds expended. The documents do not contain all appendices.


Consolidated Plans

Citizen Participation Plans
Anti-Displacement and Relocation Plans
Fair Housing Analysis of Impediments and Action Plans


The 2017 application process will use an on-line application through ZoomGrants that must be completed for all projects. Job Creation projects that will go through the competitive application cycle have a separate application process and applicants should contact City staff immediately at (2080 468-5407.

Please download the 2017 CDBG Application Guidelines for further information about the application process. All Applications will be Due May 30th by 5:00 pm. Applications submission will be open May 10, 2017.

Apply via ZoomGrants™